Sustainability is our ongoing commitment to acting responsibly by integrating social and environmental concerns into all our business activities. Sustainability goes beyond simple compliance and addresses how ALTHOM manages its economic, social and environmental impacts, as well as how we relate to our stakeholders.

"ALTHOM is the best company in a world that puts people first."

sustainable | fair | competent | purposeful

- Unsere Vision

Sustainability rating by EcoVadis

EcoVadis is a leading service provider for monitoring, assessing and certifying sustainability in global supply chains. The EcoVadis methodology assesses companies' policies, measures and published reporting in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The assessment looks at 21 sustainability topics whose relevance is determined in the context of the respective company, such as industry, size and location. For example, the topic of the environment has a different weighting for a service provider, such as ALTHOM, than for a manufacturing company, where the topic of the environment is considered from production to the end of a product's life. 

Overall rating

The overall rating by EcoVadis results from the weighted average of the topic scores. The activation and weighting depends on the industry, size and location. The rating allows companies to compare themselves with companies in the same industry, but also enables the classification of ALTHOM's overall sustainability performance in absolute terms.

ALTHOM GMBH (GROUP) is listed in the oberen 25% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the architecture and engineering; technical, physical and chemical investigation industry. The overall sustainability performance is moderate and was awarded a Bronze-Medaille in recognition of the EcoVadis rating.

Sustainable for the future

Even though we are very proud of this result in the context of our 1st sustainability assessment, we will of course not rest on our laurels. Together, we will work through the recommendations for improvement and develop and implement a corrective action plan. Our goal is to systematically increase the scores of the individual topics in order to confirm our sustainability awareness with an even better overall rating in 2023.