Tech Data Automation

Tech Data Automation

With a focus on efficiency, accuracy and consistency, we offer a range of automation services to optimize workflows and reduce the risk of errors.

Our toolbox

We have a wide range of capabilities that allow us to tailor our automation solutions to your specific requirements. Our toolbox includes:

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Our experience with VBA allows us to create custom macros and automation scripts for Microsoft Office applications, increasing efficiency and productivity.


Python ist eine leistungsstarke Skriptsprache, die es uns ermöglicht, komplexe Aufgaben zu automatisieren, Daten zu manipulieren und in verschiedene Systeme und APIs zu integrieren. Unsere Python-Expertise ermöglicht uns die Entwicklung robuster Automatisierungslösungen.

Microsoft Power Automate

As a low-code/no-code platform, Microsoft Power Automate allows us to create custom workflows and automate repetitive processes across multiple applications and systems, further increasing efficiency.

Andere Technologien

We are constantly researching and adopting new automation technologies and tools to stay at the forefront of technical data automation. Our team keeps abreast of the latest trends in the industry to deliver innovative and effective automation solutions.

Examples of Automations

Our team uses sophisticated software tools and technologies to automate various aspects of technical documentation creation. These tools allow us to increase productivity and ensure consistent application of styles and formatting throughout your documents. Some examples of automation in which we excel are:

Data Extraction

We have experience in extracting data from large volumes of PDF files, which enables efficient retrieval and use of the important information contained in the documents.

Index Creation

Our automation solutions enable the creation of indexes from XML, Microsoft Word or Excel documents. This streamlines the process of creating comprehensive and user-friendly indexes and improves the usability of your technical documentation.

Automated Checks

We use automated checks to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your technical data. By implementing custom validation scripts and rule-based algorithms, we can detect and flag errors or discrepancies, significantly reducing manual review efforts.

Document Conversion

Our automation capabilities also extend to converting text documents from one format to another. Whether you need to convert Microsoft Word files to XML or migrate content from one CMS platform to another, our automation solutions streamline the process while maintaining data integrity.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

We excel at automating repetitive tasks in the technical documentation process. Using scripting languages such as VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Python, we create custom automation scripts that eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks, save valuable resources, and ensure consistency.

Customized Automation Solutions

We understand that every business has its own requirements. Our team can develop customized automation solutions specifically tailored to your workflows, systems and technical documentation requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy.