Engineering Services

Engineering Services

CAE Analysis & Simulation, Material Testing & Mechanical Behaviour Characterisation and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – cost-optimised and tailored to your specific requirements, applications and business types. We are developing solutions consistently focused towards current demand and the highest technical standards, with applications across all industries. Our commitment, performance and collaboration keep engineering projects running flawlessly. Talk to us about your projects and let us surprise you with the range of our near- and offshore ideas. Our flexibility ranges from answering particular isolated needs to providing integrated global project management solutions, while maintaining smoothly organized processes and a unique price to quality ratio.

CAE Analysis & Simulation

We excel in multiphysics CAx analysis and our portfolio includes design and stress activities in the areas of static, fatigue and damage tolerance, repair technics and structural optimization. Our Computer Aided Engineering capabilities cover both metallic and composite components, simulated in linear and non-linear environments across all industries.

Material Testing & Mechanical Behaviour Characterisation

Take advantage of our fully equipped testing facilities and our technical excellence to perform your material tests of metallic and composite components. We can offer you destructive and non-destructive tests (N.D.T.) to characterise the mechanical behaviour of your material and to certify your product.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We offer you analysis and simulation of products in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, in a time-effective and cost- optimised manner. Benefit from our CFD analysis and optimise the aerodynamic behaviour of your components to your specific requirements. A design modification based on both structural and aerodynamic characteristics complete our portfolio of offering services.


ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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Our concept can be applied across different industries and ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations.
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