Offshoring made in Germany

We are a service provider specialized in engineering, research & development as well as technical documentation for aviation and mechanical engineering. With our offshoring production management model and offshore consulting, we also support our customers with the cost-effective relocation of their production. Our many years of experience and our regular certifications make us a trustworthy partner, not only in terms of quality.

Offshore solutions according to German standards

ALTHOM GmbH offers its customers the highest quality according to German standards, combined with cost-effective offshore solutions in all business areas. A total of more than 220 employees in our own production centers and those of our partners work around the world for the success of our customers - should it be necessary, we're also able to scale this number of employees in the short term and adapt to the current needs.

With locations in Germany (Gera and Hamburg), Greece, Poland and India and an experienced project management team in our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, we are able to work with utmost efficiency and offer services for every budget and schedule. Quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness are closely connected to our definition of "Offshoring made in Germany".

Cross-industry competence

ALTHOM has its roots in the aviation industry, but this does not mean that we are only specialized in one industry. With the consistent expansion of our technical documentation, both in aviation and mechanical engineering, our comprehensive engineering services including research and development, our efficient engineering recruitment as a service for employers and job-seekers, as well as our permanent networking with international production and development environments, we are ready to talk with you about any task that is to be done offshore. We will find the solution that meets your needs and requirements!

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ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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Our concept can be applied across different industries and ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations.
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