Technology meets Expertise

Technology meets Expertise

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FACC selected ALTHOM and HICO as their suppliers for the A320 program supporting the Technical Publications of the overhead stowage compartments and ceiling panels


„FACC, in close cooperation with Airbus, develops larger overhead stowage compartments and ceiling panels for the A320 family, planned to be the biggest for short and medium-haul aircraft. Always implementing the best solution with expertise and passion makes FACC the perfect partner for complete cabin interiors for OEMs and airliners. To achieve these goals FACC is strengthening its supply chain with best in class suppliers. Enabling Integrated Product Support (IPS) to manage the complete Service Lifecycle Management of such complex technical systems ensuring Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, FACC has selected ALTHOM together with HICO as their suppliers for the A320 program”, notes Wolfgang Tötzl, Director of ILS & Product Support Engineering at FACC.

ALTHOM leverages global capabilities and a lengthy history of producing quality manuals and documents on time and under budget in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service. “Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in technical publications, ALTHOM is uniquely qualified to assist FACC in the critical process of producing detailed documentation to meet regulatory requirements, starting in the early development phase of design and fabrication,” says Alkiviadis Thomas, ALTHOM Founder and CEO, and first Chairman of the HANSE-AEROSPACE E.V. aerospace manufacturers’ association.

Since 1997, HICO is the Full-Line Supplier for efficient, sustainable software solutions and services for Integrated Product Support (IPS) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM). HICO’s One-Stop-Solution focuses on technical documentation, material management, maintenance support, training and engineering support. “We provide custom-tailored solutions by process- and system integration of different product information sources. Beyond our unique software solution, the TechDoc-Suite™, as part of the HICO iLS.Suite®, our team develops BREX, Style sheets, Tagging Guides, Schemas, and DTDs supporting the various requirements of manual types FACC is facing either according to S1000D or ATA iSpec2200”, says Werner M. Schadelbauer, HICO General Manager and President of the Management Board.

“The collaboration of ALTHOM und HICO provides FACC the perfect solution, as sound experience in technical documentation from ALTHOM meets state-of-the-art technology from HICO”, Wolfgang Tötzl adds. “Whether FACC needs to cope with requirements of ATA iSpec2200 or S1000D, the HICO TechDoc- Suite™ is ready and ALTHOM teams deliver directly into our system e.g. Component Maintenance Manuals, Illustrated Parts Lists, or Standard Practice Manuals, allowing FACC to monitor the work progress continuously. Full transparency closes the circle of a quality-conscious company like FACC.”

ALTHOM hat sich auf das Offshoring spezialisiert und bietet seinen Kunden den Zugang zu kostengünstigen ausländischen Entwicklungs- und Produktionskapazitäten in Kombination mit deutscher Projektsteuerung und Qualitätssicherung als Dienstleistung an.

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