Offshore Production Management

Offshore Production Management

On global markets, companies are facing a big challenge: How can production costs be reduced to a competitive level? Many companies have recognised the shifting of corporate functions and processes to other countries as an opportunity to create additional competitive advantage.

Offshoring means that production or business processes of an enterprise are outsourced to foreign countries and relocated in order to maintain competitiveness in global markets. In this context the concept of offshoring becomes more and more popular. Despite the steadily increasing globalization and growing competition, many companies have difficulties in the internationalization of their business. Such offshoring projects are however extremely complex and require a high level of management, quality assurance and quality control. But which factors are important for a successful offshoring?  Perfect on-site networking? Professional expertise? Quality assurance to the highest standards? We say: all combined! 

Trust in specialists

ALTHOM provides professional and straightforward support throughout the entire offshoring process – from procurement to comprehensive production management. We have many years of experience with offshoring processes, production control, manufacturing and quality management according to the German and international standards. Most of the companies can profit from this experience. ALTHOM´s service may be summarized as the "Offshoring Production Management Model”, which we offer to our customers in many business areas such as engineering, manufacturing engineering, technical documentation, software development, acoustics, etc. ALTHOM is your contact person at the administration site (on-site) and also responsible for meeting deadlines, compliance with the planned cost and quality standards of the production abroad.

We manage your Offshoring Process

We manage for you the entire nearshoring and/or offshoring process, including:

  • situation analysis
  • identification of nearshoring and/or offshore production centers
  • commercial and technical negotiation of offshore supplier contracts
  • change management in the company
  • continuous process controlling
  • monitoring and controlling of the offshore production management 

All processes are of course subject to our quality management system according to EN/AS 9100 and EN ISO 9001.

Just tell us what you want to produce, at which price and the conditions in terms of quality and time. You will profit from our commercial and technical know-how as well as our international contacts. Do not hesitate to contact us.

ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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Our concept can be applied across different industries and ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations.
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