Escape and rescue plans

Escape and rescue plans / firefighter plans

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ALTHOM expands its service portfolio with the creation of escape and rescue, but also firefighter plans.

With the escape and rescue plan, the next possible exit to out-of-doors or a protected place can be found safely and as quick as possible.

The basis of the escape and rescue plan is the site plan of a level, as for example the layout of a floor. The escape and rescue routes, the location of the emergency exits, the existence of emergency, rescue and firefighting equipment, the collection location for affected people and the location of the observer are all depicted on it.

In addition, the escape and rescue plan impose the proper behavior rules in emergencies, such as fires and accidents. In order to avoid the possible misconception from symbols or signs, an escape and rescue plan is accompanied by a legend. For optimal visibility, the escape and rescue plans are installed on a height of 160cm. Thereby, escape and rescue plans are not to be overlooked and inform simply and promptly about the current position of the person and the available escape routes.

For the design of escape and rescue plans, certain standards must be complied. Since escape and rescue plans exist internationally, they should be understood by as many people as possible, thus they must be created according to DIN ISO 23601. To ensure that an escape and rescue plan performs its purpose at all times, whilst being legible and up-to-date, regular checks are necessary. With any structural modification of the building, any new fire and emergency measures or changes in standards, a review and update of the escape and rescue plans must be carried out. The maximum examination cycle is 2 years.

Escape and rescue plans are needed in all workplaces, in production facilities and office buildings. Especially in cases of large spatial expansions of a company, unclear passages or a large number of persons present (schools, hotels, hospitals, skyscrapers, etc.), clearly depicted escape and rescue routes are required.

Creating escape and rescue plans does require experience and expertise, as well as time investment. Therefore, ALTHOM stands as an experienced partner by your side.

Firefighter plans

Firefighter plans belong to the mandatory guiding means. These provide the fire brigade an immediate orientation and help in the prompt control of the emergency. The DIN 14095 regulates the requirements for fire fighter plans for installations. Do you belong to the group of fire protection officers, building operators, tenants, specialist planners, architects, contractors and do you need a reliable service provider for the creation of escape and rescue plans or fire fighter plans? Then ALTHOM is your right contact.

ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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