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Cooperation between FERCHAU AVIATION and ALTHOM

Hamburg, 9. December 2014 – Aerospace specialist FERCHAU AVIATION is cooperating with ALTHOM, the technical documentation service provider. The stated aim of the two companies is to offer customers and particularly the Airbus Group the cost-effective and service-oriented overall planning of projects in the customer services sector from a single source. The main purpose of the cooperative venture is to exploit synergies in technical documentation. The global presence and comprehensive expertise of engineering service provider FERCHAU AVIATION combined with the highly specialised, international skills of ALTHOM will make it possible to provide a complete range of services that in every respect meets the needs of the world market and particularly of the Airbus Group. "By entering into this strategic cooperation and pooling our expert knowledge, we can offer our customers more added value particularly in technical documentation. In precisely this field of growing importance in the service portfolio, companies will benefit and grow in the aviation sector," Harald Felten, CEO FERCHAU AVIATION, explains. "Many of our customers have identified the opportunity to relocate corporate functions and processes abroad. Thanks to our international presence, we are confident of a strong competitive edge in this area as well," Alkiviadis Thomas, CEO ALTHOM GmbH, adds. "This is where, together with FERCHAU AVIATION, we shall take our cue and offer the necessary skills for strategically sensible and, more importantly, cost-effective implementation." This year, the Airbus Group has awarded FERCHAU AVIATION the status of a Preferred Supplier for Engineering & Customer Services for its engineering services in the quality, innovation, potential for improvement and efficiency categories. ALTHOM GmbH uses the latest quality management systems certified to ISO EN 9100 on the basis of the general standard EN ISO 9001.


ALTHOM GmbH offers its customers the highest standards of offshore management. The service provider plans the business, production and development processes for companies at proven foreign locations. ALTHOM GmbH places one of its focuses on engineering, research & development and technical documentation. With its offshoring production management model, the company additionally supports its customers with the cost-effective relocation of production and the meeting of their offset obligations.

FERCHAU Engineering GmbH, AVIATION division

The FERCHAU AVIATION division currently employs more than 1,000 developers, design engineers, hardware and software professionals, and project managers distributed among its locations in Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Donauwörth, Laupheim (D) and Toulouse (F) as well as in Madrid- Getafe (ES), Bristol and Bournemouth (UK) and Bangalore (IN). In 2013, FERCHAU AVIATION generated sales of over 80 million euros and thus exceeded its target for last year. FERCHAU Engineering GmbH as a whole employs more than 6,000 engineers, IT consultants, technicians and draughtspersons in over 60 branches and locations and in its over 60 engineering offices (as at 31 December 2013). Besides aerospace engineering, FERCHAU operates in areas that include mechanical engineering and plant construction, vehicle technology, aerospace, electrical engineering and IT.



ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

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