Alkiviadis Thomas: First chairman of Hanse-Aerospace e.V.

Alkiviadis Thomas: First chairman of Hanse-Aerospace e.V.

On 15 February 2016, the members of Hanse-Aerospace e.V. have elected a new board of directors. First Chairman is Alkiviadis Thomas, owner and CEO of ALTHOM GmbH. Vice Chairman remains Ingo Martens, CEO of ILS Integrated Logistics Systems GmbH. He will continue being responsible for the topic of finance. Gerhard Engelbrecht (AM Allied Maintenance GmbH), Dr. Martin Spieck (Thelsys GmbH) and Meik Wyschka (Tuja Zeitarbeit GmbH) are as well members of the new board of directors. The new first chairman Alkiviadis Thomas wants to strengthen particularly the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and demonstrate their relevance within the aviation industry: "Only if the SME stay confident towards manufacturers and large suppliers, and know about their strengths, they may survive on the market. Strong SMEs are the backbone of the manufacturing industry, that is why our board of directors has to support their innovation capability and establish best conditions".

HANSE-AEROSPACE e.V. is an association of more than 160 small and medium-sized manufacturers and service providers within the aerospace industry.



Alkiviadis Thomas

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