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The C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership

Bombardier and Investissement Quebec's original C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership, based in Mirabel, Canada, was founded on July 19, 2004; Sales started on March 15, 2005. The goal of the project was to build smaller medium-range aircraft. After a development break and various minor problems, the first flight of a CS100 finally took place on 16 September 2013.

Airbus becomes part of the C Series partnership

In October 2017, it was announced that Airbus will acquire 50.1% of the shares in the same Bombardier subsidiary in which production of the C Series was outsourced. The Airbus, Bombardier and Investissement Quebec partnership, announced in October 2017, will launch on July 1, 2018, with all required regulatory approvals.

Airbus wants to exploit the full potential of the C Series

Airbus is working with partners Bombardier and IQ to harness the full potential of the C Series and create value for everyone involved - customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local communities - at each production site. The C Series aircraft are recognized as the most advanced and efficient aircraft in their class, and with the new partner Airbus, the project promises to have a great future.

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