Approved Quality - ISO-Certification

ALTHOM offers the latest quality management systems and is regularly audited. Our certifications require audits for recertification to the EN 9100 standard awarded by TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association, on the basis of the general EN ISO 9001 standard. Our ISO-Certifications prove that we, as a service provider to industrial customers, fulfill eight key principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Responsibility of management
  • Involvement of participants
  • Process-oriented approach
  • System-oriented management approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Supplier relationships for mutual benefit

ALTHOM is specialized in offshoring and offers its customers access to low-cost foreign development and production capacities in combination with German project management and quality assurance as a service.

The Company

Renewable Energy
Medical Technology
Mechanical Engineering

Our concept can be applied across different industries and ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements and expectations.
ALTHOM | The Offshoring Company